Group RMC Corporation (RMC) is a Delaware U.S. registered real estate Co-Investment and management company based in New York City. RMC invests in, sponsors and is the General Partner in undervalued income producing Office properties in secondary and tertiary U.S. markets. RMC currently oversees in the U.S., principally in the Midwest, over 5,700,000 SF representing over $700,000,000 in asset value.

RMC’s principals typically participate with 5% to 25% in each partnership and offer partners the opportunity to co-invest as RMC is seeking like-minded partners not simply ‘clients’. As a consequence, RMC only levies its charges up-front and only in the form of shares in the partnership. RMC does NOT charge ‘back end’, ‘carry’ or even management fees to the partnership as these all serve only to hemorrhage the returns on the partners’ capital. This structure is unique in both its low pricing and risk sharing.

A further and differentiating factor is that RMC and its partners are permanent and patient investors – in other words, real investors as it should be for a long term asset class like real estate. Exit usually comes in the form of refinancing and/or increasing distributions. Occasionally irresistible offers do occur and RMC will sell, but RMC will never be a forced seller.

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