Group RMC Principal Investments

Group RMC Principal Investments (RMCPI) is the company’s global partnership co-investment business focused on investment opportunities outside of US commercial real estate, which generally share the following criteria:

  • Businesses or founders who have pre-existing relationships with Group RMC:
    • Partners and co-investors in our existing investments
    • Founders and management teams who we have had previous business dealings with
    • Companies we work with through our commercial real estate business and other investments
  • Quality assets with strong in-place or near-term free cash flows, particularly in out-of-favor sectors where historically we have found remarkable opportunities
  • Businesses typically at later stages of maturity; post product-market fit and ready to scale
  • Industry agnostic, but a preference for "old school" sectors that have the ability to produce attractive and recurring distributions such as energy royalties, mining streams, shipping, financial services, media, software, select technologies and other similar opportunities
  • Valuations based on intrinsic value and not market hype, “greater fool” punts, lead investor names or "comps". Conversative pricing is indicative of long-term and well-aligned management teams and investors.
  • Direct investment and inclusion on capitalization table or shareholder registry; no funds
  • Equity, preferred equity, royalties, convertible debt or debt investments
  • Preference for larger investments and allocations